Monday, June 13, 2016

06.13.16 Testify, Testify, Testify!

Hey everybody!

How are you doing?  It is so good to hear from you all!  I love you guys so much!  Good luck Karli with the whole baby thing.. cant wait to meet my niece!  Con Dawg.. you are the man, keep killing it in your internship!  Show them what it is all about!   Nate, we are going to have some fun in Iowa.. I need to fill myself with some corn!  Do they have tortillas?  haha that was a joke..

Well, everybody, this week was great!  Elder Paiz and I set the goal to challenge everybody that we talk with to baptism.  And as a district we put a goal to challenge 50 to baptism each area.  Well, Elder Paiz and I challenged the entire boat that crosses from Jimenez to Golfito to be baptized.  I was giving my companion a little bit of a hard time because he was nervous to do it.  So I told him that he was going to do it on the way to Golfito.  So, we sat down on the boat and everyone was talking.  He got up the courage and stood in front of everyone and invited them all to prepare themselves to be baptized by the restored priesthood authority.  The boat got so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.  He shared a brief message about baptism and the restoration of the gospel and we took off to Golfito.  I did the boat on the way back!  It is pretty fun to do.  Our purpose is to always testify of Jesus Christ.  The Savior taught "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven."  
We are going to have a meeting this week with the District Presidency, we will be discussing the support that is needed for the group and making plans to raise the church attendance and to better organize the group.  

I gave my last testimony to the group on Sunday.  It was really sad.  I love these members so much and it will be hard to say good bye.  Next week is the district conference in Rio Claro so this was my last Sunday in Jimenez.  After the conference on Sunday, President Hayes will be taking the missionaries that are finishing this week to San Jose in the back of his car haha.  It will be a lot better than the bus for sure.  

I don't have more time..  the power has gone out like 6 times and shut down the computers so I didn't have much time to write.  I love you guys!  I hope to write in San Jose next Monday.  

Keep the faith!  Hurray for Israel!

Elder Nelson

Monday, June 6, 2016

06.06.16 Another Week in Paradise !!

Hey everybody!

Sounds like everybody is doing great!  I love you guys a lot I hope you know!  Conner sent me a picture with peeps from the Mall of America.  Oh man, I love those peeps!  Conner is the man!  So is Nate!  Karli is ready to have the baby!  Que emocion!!  Cant wait to meet my first niece!  

All is well here in Puerto Jimenez.  This week Elder Paiz and I went on divisions to Ciudad Neily.  So, we crossed the gulf and headed to Ciudad Neily.  I worked the day with Elder Maldonando from Guatemala.  He is a great missionary.  Their area is basically the oldest here in the zona sur.  It has over 25 years as a branch, with an attendance of about 35 and a list of members with 750 names on it.  They have a lot of reactivation to do if you ask me.  Thank goodness we know who all of the less active members are here.  While on divisions it was raining terribly.  We were soaked from the knee down because the wind causes the rain to splash you even though you have an umbrella.  The rainy season has started here and because we are in the middle of the rain forest it is pretty strong.  A couple of days ago they said it was dangerous to be outside because the rain and wind was ripping up the trees and throwing them all around.  Pretty crazy!   

The district president of the Rio Claro district lives in Ciudad Neily, so I sat down to dinner with him while we were on divisions and we talked about the growth of the group and the progress that we have seen.  He is a great man and I told him that Puerto Jimenez is the best in Zona Sur and that he should give as much support as possible to these faithful members on the peninsula.  I love these members so much.  They have so much faith and strive to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I feel so blessed to work at their side.

Church was great yesterday.  Denia came!  She is progressing well with her husband Elogio.  We just have to commit him to come next week.  Sonia and her son came this week as well!  Woot woot!  They are progressing so much and showing their faith by keeping the commitments.  I hope that they can be baptized before I leave.  They are so great!  

Elder Paiz and I are working hard here in Jimenez.  We have been talking to everybody and we have set the goal to contact the entire boat as we cross the gulf to the district meeting.  We will see how it goes haha.  Doing contacts at sea!  Also, they put air conditioning in our house this week!!!!!!  I had to pull out the blankets because we had it so low haha!  I haven't slept so good in two years haha!  All is great here!

I love you guys!  Keep the faith!  This is Christ's church! See you soon!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia "Siempre hay que echar bastante repelente, si no, los zancudos te comen."