Monday, May 30, 2016

05.30.2016 No Time to be Trunky!

Hey everybody!

Good to hear from each of you!  You are great!  Sounds like you spent quite a bit of time in the car on the way to OKC.  17.5 hours!  I remember when we did that trip the first time.  Hopefully Conner didn't eat all of the Reeses this time hahahaha!

Well, everybody keeps asking me if I am trunky... no!  Haha I have had it about up to here with all of the trunky jokes from my district!  Today we were on the border and Elder Escarcega kept telling me to by all of the small containers of food because I will never be able to finish the normal size.  I have been thinking about it.. and there is no time to be trunky.  Right now this group needs a lot of nourishment and this area needs a lot of work.  We are working as hard as ever!  Elder Paiz is getting a little worried because his skin is getting a lot darker from the sun.. he doesn't like that haha. 

We found a great family this week!  We were working in an area and Elder Paiz started to get a little sick of rejection.  Each time somebody turned us away, he added another flower to his shirt pocket.  By the end of the day he had quite the bouquet walking around.  Finally he said "We are going to say a prayer and this house will have somebody ready to hear the gospel."  So we said the prayer and knocked the door.  A woman that is very strong in another faith opened the door and didn't want anything with us.  Great.  So we continued with the faith and finally arrived at an apartment.  The family quickly ushered us in and accepted the message.  Let's just say that when we left the house we had a bag of 25 avocados and a return date.  Ush!

This week Denia and Maicol came to church!!  We were so happy!  They said that they liked it and we are going to go visit them tomorrow!  They are so great!  

The members here are great!  There is a less-active family that we have been working with quite a bit.  The husband has fallen to alcohol, and is having a hard time staying active in the church.  However, the wife, Maritza, is a super star.  She is so funny!  She always is so positive and is running the ship solo in her house.  At first, she was shakey too in her testimony of the gospel, but she has come so far and is always at church each week with the children that she can bring with her.  I think I am going to buy some tubs of ice cream and take them over for the Family Home Evening that we have with them tonight!  The kids will sure like that!

All is well here in Jimenez!  I am getting in touch with nature haha and trying to keep the little monkeys away!

Love you guys!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia "Que tal le parece la sopa de gallina?"

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