Saturday, May 28, 2016

05.23.16 Closing the Internet Cafe

Hey everybody!!

I hope that everybody is doing well!  Elder Paiz and I are doing well!  We are pretty good cuates (buddies).  I heard that Nate and I will be driving to Iowa in July.  Ussshh!!  Road trip!!  Karli is soon the have the baby.  Good luck Karli!  Let me know when you have chosen a name or I will keep calling her Gertrude haha.  And, good luck Conner in Houston!  Have fun driving town and eating in Crab Town with dad!  I remember going there and eating off of the table.

Well, the only internet cafe in Puerto Jimenez will be shut down tomorrow.  They just told us.  So, we will see what happens but honestly there is no other place to write in this little pueblo.  So, I might be falling off of the face of the Earth until I come home.  I will see if I can figure something out, but if not, I will see you all in a month!  No news is good news!

This week was good for Elder Paiz and I.  The woman that I told you about last week, her name is Sonia.  She came to church again this week with her son.  They accepted the challenge to be baptized by the restored priesthood authority and they have a baptismal date for the 15th of June. Elder Paiz and I are praying hard that she can be ready for baptism on that day. I will keep you posted.  We are also teaching the family of Elogio, Denia, y Maicol.  They are so great!  This week Elder Paiz and I went to make pupusas with them and they are progressing well.  Elogio and Denia need to be married, so we taught them about marriage and they said that they would discuss it and think of a date to be married! Ush!!  They have been together for 23 years, I have no idea what they could possibly need to discuss! 

This week Elder Paiz and I were in Jimenez searching for people to teach and he got a little down so we decided that we would pray to find somebody who is prepared to receive the restored gospel.  We continued with little luck, but at night we were walking by the dock and decided to talk to a family in a little house by the dock.  They are great!  They started crying as we testified of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the power of the atonement to heal all wounds.  We are going to take Presidente Conejo and his wife over to their house for a lesson this week.  We are praying for them!

The group is doing well.  Last week I gave a talk about our commitment to our Heavenly Father as His children. It was good!  I invited the members to increase their level of commitment to our Heavenly Father, and that commitment promotes progress.  In this case, spiritual commitment produces spiritual progress and we grow closer to our Heavenly Father.  I invited the to remember the (OLA, Orar, Leer, y Asistir a la iglesia).  Or for you homegamers out there (Pray, Read, and Attend church).  As we pray each day individually and as a family, read the scriptures, and attend church, we will progress spiritually and become stronger rooted in our faith.  I know that to be a true principle for I have felt the spiritual strength that comes from the basics.  Hopefully each of us can remember the OLA.  

Well everybody, I hope that all is well for you!  Keep strong in the faith!  I love you guys!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia *Hay que pedir los milagros del cielo.*

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