Saturday, May 28, 2016

05.16.16 The land of pinto and pupusas

Hey everybody!

Sounds like good things are going on at home!  Karli is going up to visit on the weekend!  Hope that you have fun and enjoy the grand kids!  Hope that everyone is well!

I am here with Elder Paiz in Puerto Jimenez!  He arrived in Gofito on Tuesday morning at 5 am and we had district meeting before loading his suitcases on the boat and heading to Jimenez.  He is from El Salvador and is a convert to the church.  He is amazing and I am learning a lot from him.  He is a big jokester and every once in a while he will say "turn down for what" in his thick Spanish accent.  I don't think he knows what that means haha.  He is going to teach me how to make Salvadorian pupusas.  
Yesterday, we were invited by a sister from the group over to her house to eat Sunday lunch after church.  She made us "rice and bean."  It is so good!  They actually call it "rice and bean."  Basically it is just gallo pinto cooked with coconut milk instead of water.  We ate it with a fried fish.  Honestly I think that the fried fish tastes pretty good.  The only weird thing is having its little eye stare at you while you eat it.  Oh well.. I enjoyed it.  Elder Paiz loved it and grabbed a second fish and slammed it down.  

This week we dedicated much of our time to finding new investigators here in Jimenez center.  We had a little bit of a miracle.  The sun was so hot and we were sweating so much that we were just trying to find somebody that we could teach in the shade.  We found a woman who has been suffering from brain tumors and as we taught her I felt really bad because she looked like she was in some pain.  Well, we left her with a blessing and she came to church on Sunday!  She made friends with the Relief Society sisters and she is going to got the activity on Saturday with them.  

Elder Paiz and I are doing well here!  I hope that al is well with you and that your find joy in all that you do!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo Salvadoreño siempre me decia "El pescado frito me cayo tan bien."

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