Saturday, May 28, 2016

05.02.16 Conferencia de Zona Puerto Jimenez 2016

Upe buenas!!

I hope everybody is doing well!  I loved hearing about how you guys went to the gun show this week!  When I grow up I will have to get me a bb gun haha.  It sounds like the Nelson family is strapping in to prepare for a lot of excitement in the coming months!  Graduations, babies, and construction projects!  

This week was full of excitement.  It was great!  We had our missionary activity this week.  It was also a district activity so we bused in members from the other branches on the other side of the gulf to participate with the members here in Puerto Jimenez.  Honestly, we are the most exiled missionaries and group in the entire mission and country.  So we wanted to get the excitement running through the veins of these members and the missionaries in the Rio Claro district because we are working towards a stake!  It was a beautiful activity.  We had a stage, speaker set up, giant screen and projector, live music, typical dances, and some famous members from around the country that came to speak and to accompany us.  It took tons of planning, but it was amazing.  President Hayes came to visit us and the rest of the zone was able to come to enjoy the activity and to prepare for the zone conference the following day held in our chapel.  We wanted to have a good turn out so that we could share our beliefs with the community in a fun way and we had a good turn out. We even contracted a car with speakers on top to drive around the entire town blaring the news about the activity.  In the end we had hundreds of people that came and we have some great references to contact.

We had the zone conference on Saturday in our chapel and we received great training's from President and other missionaries.  Sister Conejo cooked food for all of the missionaries so we were enjoying the Panamanian cuisine.  

Sunday was great!!  We had a couple of miracles!  Some less actives that we have been visiting came back!  Usshh!!  The chapel was full and the testimony meeting was powerful.  There was not one pause in the testimony action.  Gotta love it!  The members are really doing good!  I love working in this small group because we don't have a list of hundreds of in-actives.  We know who each of the in-actives are and we are working with each of them to return to church.  The members are doing a great job as member missionaries and the ward/group council meetings that we have here are some of the best that I have been a part of in this country.  The members are so willing to work!

This Thursday we will be starting up doctrinal Thursdays/Noche de grupo.  We will be having this activity each Thursday in order to foster faith in Jesus Christ, to learn the basic doctrines of the church, and to fellowship members with food.  What more could you ask for?  A member will teach a brief principle out of the Gospel Principles book and afterwards we will have a little potluck!  We are trying to get these members out of their houses as much as possible and doing spiritual things to learn more.  We are hoping it will be a success!

I love you guys so much!  Keep the faith!

Elder Nelson

En Costa Rica hay que aprender a decir Pura Vida para todo!

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