Saturday, May 28, 2016

04.25.16 Hermano Ronald y la Hermana Lily

Hey everybody!

I am excited that Karli is going to graduate!  Woot!  Good job Karli! You are the best!!

This week was great!  Elder Carter and I have been working hard and praying hard for spiritual growth and maturity among the members.  This group may be small, but it is working very hard to do everything in the Lord´s way.  There are some members that are inactive and have not returned to church since the group was shut down 4 years ago.  One of those families is that of Hermano Ronald and Hermana Lily.  When the group was shut down back in the day, they were faithful members of the church that had been sealed in the temple.  The church being shut down here really made them feel hurt, so they have been very hesitant to jump back in.  We have been visiting them throughout the week and are always in contact.  He has been so willing to lend anything to the church, but never has returned with his wife and Elder Carter and I have been losing sleep over it.  Well, this week we had a miracle!!  They came to church!  Elder Carter was directing the meeting and from where I was sitting I could not see the door.  When they entered, Elder Carter could not keep it in because he was so excited.  I had no idea what all of the commotion could be about. When I saw them I couldn´t hold it back either.  They looked so good dressed up in their Sunday best!  Elder Carter and I have had Ronald in mind as the future branch president for a long time.  We hope that he continues to join us each Sunday regains his strong faith.

 Elder Carter and I are preparing a large scale activity this week.  He has a friend from Draper that will be flying in and helping us with it.  It is a community activity with emphasis on the church and the family.  It is going to be fantastic.  President Hayes will be coming along with all of the missionaries from the zone, and the following day we will have a zone conference here in Jimenez.  So, it will be a very busy week.

Love you guys!  Keep the faith!

Elder Nelson

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