Saturday, May 28, 2016


Hey everybody!

These past two weeks have been absolutely full!  I will try to hit the important points so that you know what is going on here in Puerto Jimenez!

So Elder Carter and I had a little bit of a miracle last week.  We were teaching some investigators and walking back to Puerto Jimenez central on a sandy road that leads to the beach.  The funny thing is that we were talking about what it would be like to be a missionary in Utah and to see members all of the time.  About two minutes later a large, white Land Rover that is passing by full of surf boards and gringos starts yelling at us and stops.  We were talking with them for a minute and they were members from Bountiful, Utah.  They were so excited to see missionaries on their vacation.  Well, it turns out that after talking to them for a couple of minutes the father of the family moved the surf boards from blocking his face and it was Jon Schmidt from the Piano Guys.  You know, the piano player from the Piano Guys.  We met him here in Jimenez and talked for a little bit.  Long story short we got in contact with him and before he left we shot some video with him to use in the activity that we are going to have in the community here in Jimenez.  Great family!

Last Monday some members took us up to their farm!  It was awesome!  We picked some mangos from the trees, dug some holes and cut some trees with machetes.  A typical Costa Rican day!  They took us to a hidden waterfall that they know of and it was beautiful.  This place is amazing!

This week was a little disappointing.  Several investigators that we have decided that they no longer wanted to continue in this path.  They felt that it was too hard to make the necessary changes to put their lives in line with our Heavenly Fathers commandments and to take up the cross and to follow Jesus Christ.  It breaks my heart to see these families decide that they no longer want to try.  Even though they might not completely understand what they are missing, we do!  We know what they can become and what the Lord Jesus Christ can make them.  Now to continue finding those elect of the Lord.

I love this work!  The Lord is so good to us!  I hope that each of you continue to kindle your faith and to follow the Lord!

Love you guys!

Elder Nelson

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