Saturday, May 28, 2016

04.04.16 General Conference Blessings- Puerto Jimenez

Hey Everybody!

I feel extremely sad for the loss of Grandpa and Grandmas house.  I have sweet memories eating Sunday dinner, taking ice cream orders for desert, and (of course) eating treats out of the chicken bowl.  Many fond memories took place in, and around, that place.  Thank goodness that we have a foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The knowledge and faith that we have keep us moving forward through the trials of life as they present themselves daily.  We may remember that these trials and difficulties were the very essence and purpose of our Heavenly Fathers plan for us.  May He pour all of His blessings upon you as you continue with faith in Him and His plan and move forward with faith.

This week felt long!  On Tuesday, we headed to San Jose to attend the temple.  There isn't much that you can do to prepare yourself for the nine hour bus ride.  Much of the way we were on our feet due to the amount of people on the bus and the lack of seats.  All of the passengers were able to get a nice look at the missionaries and I hope that that we could of had even a tiny influence on them.  Wednesday morning we were in the seven o clock session and we were back on the bus at 4 back to the south.  We stayed with some other missionaries in the zone in San Vito and in early Thursday morning we started down the mountain to Golfito and across the gulf on the boat.  It was tiring, but worth it to attend the temple.  The Spirit was sweet and my testimony of the that holy house grew bigger.

General Conference was magnificent!  We were once again in the hostel next to the chapel and the internet worked for us.  This is the first time in years that general conference has been shown on the peninsula.  The kingdom of God is growing.  There were very few technical difficulties.  I was very impressed with the results from the group and the great turn out that there was.  I do have to admit.. the people that were staying in the hostel probably didn't know what to think with all the white shirts walking around in there haha.  They are going to go back to Europe and already know who the Mormons are. Oh yeah!  Watching general conference was great, but watching it in Spanish just doesn't do it justice.  For somebody who has heard their real voices for so long, listening to the translator just isn't the same.  I am excited to download all of the talks and listen to them as we prepare for each day. 

Today we did our monthly shopping in Panama.  Really, we just go to the free zone on the boarder that is kind of part of both countries.  Each month we can go to buy our things there the first week because everything is half price.  Everything in Costa Rica is jaw-droppingly expensive.  And, as you know, Panama uses the dollar so it was a weird throw back.  Elder Carter and I stopped at McDonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese, so we are doing pretty good.

The members here are amazing.  I truly feel like they are the most willing members to serve the Lord that I have ever worked with.  We are teaching pure references from members.  They are all progressing very well and we are seeing results.  Several of them accompanied us to the conference and I am sure that the spirit testified to their hearts of the truth.  How lucky are we to learn from modern prophets.  Amazing.

I love you so much!  Keep being great!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia -Cuando vayas cruzando el golfo en la lancha, asegúrate que tienes puesto el chaleco salvavidas.  El mar se pone bravo a veces.-

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