Monday, March 14, 2016

03.14.2016 Jimenez Miracles

Hey everybody!

I love you all so much!!  Sounds like you are all having fun and knocking it out in school!

"And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." (Rev. 14:6)  This week we saw part of the completion of this  new testament prophecy.  We went to preach the everlasting gospel to the Indians of Costa Rica.  Their reservation is located the mountains of the rain forest on the peninsula.  President Conejo took us up as far as he could in his car and we had to hike up the rest of the way.  Boy was it a hike.  You have to go straight up the rocky mountainside a couple of kilometers.  Elder Carter and I had to stop for breaks.  When we got to the top, we realized that we were soaked with sweat.  Even our ties were soaked with sweat.  We took with us as many Books of Mormon and we could haul along with pamphlets and pass along cards.  These Indians are called Guaymi and they originate from Panama.  So when we finally got to the first house on the reservation we pulled out the Book of Mormon and began to teach.  I kid you not, the first woman we talked to said "I remember my grandfather telling me that Christ came to the Americas."  Elder Carter and I looked at each other in awe.  We got in contact with the tribe translator and we will see if we can get him to translate parts of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets to Guaymi.  We are so excited!

The members here are amazing!  They want so bad to help us in the missionary work.  They are great member missionaries.  A member invited us over to her house on Saturday night for a little missionary activity.  She said that she invited a family and that we were going to watch the movie "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration."   So on Saturday we went to the activity to teach with her and to our surprise she had invited 6 families.  Real families.  (Dad, Mom, and kids)  There were over 30 people there.  She ran the whole thing and it was amazing!  We started out playing telephone- the game where you start with a message and pass it through all the people.  The families were loving it.  It was a hoot.  Sure enough the message came out completely different and she used that the teach the importance of prophets.  Then we went in the house to watch the movie.  The people didn't even fit inside the house!  It was the best thing I have seen in my mission.  Afterwards my companion and I talked a little and got all of their information.  It really was such a blessing and we are excited to teach them all.

The work is going well and we are happy!  The Lord is blessing us a lot.

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia "Llevaremos al mundo Su verdad."

03.07.2016 La Costa Más Rica que Hay!

Hey everybody!

This week was great!  We have been working really hard to get this ball rolling.  Elder Carter is great!  We are working well together and doing our best to teach some truth around here!

This week the group traveled to San Jose on a temple trip.  The entire district went on the trip (all of the other branches).  The group leader worked hard to be able to fill up that bus with faithful members to worship in the house of the Lord.  The members filled up all twelve seats of a large van, and it turned out being little under half of all of the members that went from the entire district.  These members here really do understand the meaning of sacrifice.  You can just feel the pioneer spirit here and they are all very willing to do whatever they can to build the kingdom of God in this beautiful place.  Many members live in very humble circumstances, so the 40 dollars per person fee round trip on the bus seemed to be impossible for almost each member of the group.  They had been saving for months so that they could travel to the House of the Lord and worship there.  Listen to this.  They took off from here at 11 on Friday night, arrived in at the temple around 7 in the morning for a quick breakfast before entering the temple.  After their time in the temple, they took off and arrived here in Puerto Jimenez late on Saturday night.   What a big sacrifice to go to the temple.  There were some members who didn't even have money for the bus the next morning to come to church.  We are so blessed to live in Utah and to be surrounded by so many temples.  It is sad that sometimes we don't take advantage of that great blessing that we have so close.

Sometimes, we go to a elderly sister's home to do service for her.  She lives on a big farm and needs lots of help.  We harvested yuca (a potato-like root), corn, and palm fruit.  We also cut up and disposed of fallen banana trees on the farm.  She need help feeding the pigs and cutting fire wood to be able to cook on her stove.  She is starting to prepare for the rainy season, so we are helping her to have her farm ready.  It is really hard work, but really fun too.  We do it all with a machete haha.  That is the tool that they use here.  To be completely honest, it is one of the most ineffective tools that I can think of.  In many cases an ax or other tool would be much more effective, but we work with what we have!

Earlier today, a gringo from Idaho took us up to see his farm.  He is a member, and has had a farm here for quite a bit of time.  It is really impressive though!  From the farm you can see the entire peninsula and Dulce Gulf.  He took us on a hike through the place and it is paradise.  Waterfalls, monkeys, palm trees.  I would not be one bit surprised if that was the Garden of Eden haha. We even saw a poison dart frog.  This place is amazing!  

On Sunday, there was an area wide stake conference broadcast in Central America.  Basically, the internet in Puerto Jimenez is non-existent, so the quality of he transmission was poor.  Presidente Conejo turned it off and called on my companion and I to share some words.  I think these members are going to get sick of hearing us speak every week haha.  Oh well, we just roll with the punches :)

I love you all!  Keep the faith!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "algunos países tienen más costa que Costa Rica, pero no existe ninguna costa como la de Costa Rica."