Sunday, February 21, 2016

02.15.16 The Lord Sent Me to Paradise!

Hey everybody!!

I hope that everyone is doing well and that the Lord is pouring out his blessings on each one of you.  Thanks for all of the news from home!  I love to hear about what each one of you is doing and how life is treating you.  

Well, like I said, I had changes on Friday.  They sent me to Puerto Jimenez.  It is located on the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica.  On Friday, I hopped on the bus at noon and we rolled in here around 8:45.  It was a long bus ride!  There are two ways to get here on the road.  Drive down the coast, or over the cerro de la muerte "hill of death."  When I got here we went straight to our house.  We live on the third floor of an outlet mall.  It is so nice!!  The only downside is the oven-like quality that is has haha.  It is so hot.  Like really, really hot.  Like, you guys probably have no idea how hot it is.  The other day it was 93 degrees in the place with about the highest percentage of humidity that I think is possible.  If it were any more humid we would be drinking water instead of breathing haha.  Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep with the heat, but we have an industrial fan that helps us out :) However, I am in paradise.  Honestly, I am in the Garden of Eden down here!  We are located between the beach and the jungle.  We can walk 5 minutes from our front door and be on the beach, and today we ventured into the thickness of the jungle to see what we could find.

The church down here is very small and very new.  President Hayes sent the first missionaries down here to open up the area two changes ago.  The last time that there were missionaries here was over four years ago.  So, Puerto Jimenez is a group, and we have a group leader named Hermano Conejo "Brother Rabbit."  This man is such a great person.  He has been running the church out of his house for a long time.  When President Hayes came down to visit his family about 6 months ago, they began to cry.  They felt as though the had been abandoned.  He is so grateful that the missionaries are here and are willing to do anything to help us and to build the kingdom here in Puerto Jimenez.

Yesterday we had a great experience in church.  We had an attendance of 27 faithful members.  The church is located in the same outlet mall as our house, just one floor below.  We rent it and it is nice.  The nicest part is that it has A/C baby.  The members love it and so do I.  All of these members are converts, so really they don't know very much about the church or church culture.  We are teaching them things like how to give a talk and how to be reverent during the sacrament meeting.  This week, our group leader had a church meeting in Ciudad Neily so he could not be with us at church.  I conducted the meeting and Elder Carter presided.  We had two speakers lined up.  They both stood up for a couple of minutes and read the Ensign to everybody, hence why we are teaching everybody how to give a talk ;)  So then my companion and I were up and we filled the meeting.  I spoke about pioneers, and how each one of them are pioneers here in Puerto Jimenez.  That the Lord has called  each one of them to build and edify his kingdom here.  It was great!  I just tried to smile a lot so that the room livened up a bit haha.  For priesthood meeting, we sat in a circle of five.  The president of the quorum, my companion and I, a member, and an investigator.  We need more priesthood here; so, Elder Carter and I have our eyes peeled for any men that wishes to repent of their sins and to follow our Savior Jesus Christ.

These people here have so much faith!  You can just feel it when you are with them!  I feel so grateful with my Heavenly Father to be able to work with them.  How great is my calling!

I love you all!  Keep the faith!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia "Si quiere crecer la iglesia mucho, hay que hablar con muchos."

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