Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey everybody!!

I hope that you are all well!  Sounds like things are fun at home.  I think that it is so awesome that dad is going to speak at Nate's medical school about LVADs and ECMO.  That will be a great treat for sure.  Conner and Claire are traveling all over the place as usual, nice!  Karli and Zach holding down the fort in St. George with the kids!  I hope the best for all of you this week!

This week Elder Abel and I have been teaching some great families and doing all that we can to help the work progress forward in the San Francisco Ward.  I have a great experience to tell you about.  So Elias, the recent convert, went to EFY last week.  He was gone all week and the entire week we were praying that he would have a good time and that he would find friends and everything.  Well, I finally saw him again on Sunday.  All of the youth that went to EFY were asked to bear testimony of their experience.  He was really nervous, but when he stood up to tell about his experience at EFY the Spirit filled the room.  He had a great time at EFY and loves the Book of Mormon.  He won't stop talking about it haha.  I honestly got a little emotional while he was sharing his testimony.  He is so great and he has a burning testimony of the gospel.

Elder Abel and I started working out each morning a lot haha.  There are some work out videos called "Insanity" that everybody works out to here in the mission.  They are killer!  I was so sore for days!  But it has been good!

We are happy and healthy.  Costa Rica is great and the work is pushing forward.

I don't have tons of time.  Love you all and hope the best!

Read the scriptures and say your prayers!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "Cuando comes la comida mexicana, hay que pedir 3 tacos de pastor."

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