Sunday, October 4, 2015

09.26.15 Temple Trip

Hey everybody!!

This week was really great!  Got a lot of work done and did a lot of work.  I'm glad to hear that everything is going well back at home, I know that the Lord is watching over our family.  I hope that Dad has a great time in Budapest and that everything goes well there.  Glad to hear that Conner and Claire are teaching primary.  They will do so good.  They need to prepare those future missionaries while they are young!  I hope that Nate does well on his exams and that Zach and Karli have some time to relax with those two children haha.

So, we ate the pigs foot.... it wasn't too bad.  The fat melts in your mouth like an ice cream cone.  I would eat that any day over mondongo.  My companion was completely grossed out though, there was no convincing him.  The deal breaker was when Hermana Flor showed us that the best part was sucking on the bones and the hoof.  I enjoyed it for the most part..  

This week was pretty crazy.  We have been running pretty low on energy but we were able to get it all done.  Now we can take a nice deep breath.  The mission planned a temple trip for all of the missionaries (half of the mission this week and half next week.)  So we were doing a lot of running around to prepare all of the plans and events that would accompany the temple trip.  On Tuesday night, in preparation for an early temple session the next morning, we had over thirty elders sleeping in our house.  It is quite the experience being in a house with that many elders, but everything turned out okay and the house was only mildly destroyed.  We were up early in the morning on Wednesday to get everyone out the door, take President's daughter to the airport, and make it to a late-morning session.  It was a great day in the temple and the spirit was so strong.  As a missionary, I seem to look at everything completely different.  What a great blessing of the restoration, temples of our Lord upon the face of the earth once again.  What a great blessing, the restoration of the Priesthood authority, the key that unlocks such great blessings unto our Heavenly Father´s children.  I can only imagine the love that our Heavenly Father has for his children, that he would restore such key principles and ordinances to the Earth for the happiness and the welfare of His children.  How blessed are we to be a part of this great work.

This week I learned a great lesson of faith from an Elder friend that I have.  He has about 7 months in the mission, and on his first day here I took him out on divisions.  While we were at the temple on Wednesday, he received the news that his brother had passed away back home in Guatemala.  He was crushed.  What really amazes me about the faith of this Elder is how he takes trials with joy.  He is a convert to the church, and little before leaving to the mission he lost his mother as well.  I was able to be on divisions with him for a couple of hours on Wednesday night, and I was just amazed at the way that he was taking this trial.  Yes, he was very sad, but he has the hope that the gospel brings to the lives of those who live it.  After this experience, I began to think a lot about what hope is and started to study a bit about it.  The prophet Ether in chapter 12 teaches great things about hope.  Hope is what the gospel is all about.  We have trials and difficulties in life, but with our hope we can progress and be happy despite the trials.

I love you all so much!  Keep the faith!  Build the kingdom!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo Mexicano siempre me decía "y fe, esperanza, caridad y amor, con la mira puesta únicamente en la gloria de Dios, lo califican para la obra."

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