Monday, September 21, 2015

09/19/15 Elias' Baptism

Hey everybody!

This week was great!  Sounds like BYU is off to a good start and that everyone is in "cool down" mode from after the wedding.  I hope that everything continues great and that everything is well with the family.

Today my companion and I went to get some food for lunch, and it was delicious.  But afterwards we were on our way back when all of a sudden the biggest rainstorm ever started!  It was really heavy rain and the wind was yanking our umbrellas every which way.  Within minutes the roads were flooded and we were walking in ankle-deep water back to the office.  Right now we are trying to dry off a little bit before we head out to the storm again.  Gotta love that Costa Rica rain!

Yesterday was a great day!  Elías got baptized!  We were super happy for him and the decision he made to be baptized!  He has come a long way and he is great!  Elías comes each week to wash the mission cars and while here he has gotten to know President quite well.  So he wanted President Hayes at his baptism and wanted him to baptize him!  It was so great!  Before the service President mentioned that the last time he had been the baptizer in a service was 20 years ago and it took place in the Jordan River when he was living in Jerusalem.  Really cool!  

The baptism was very interesting because there were very few active members there.  The entire room was filled with less-active members and investigators.  It was a great service and we hope that the spirit touch the hearts of the less-actives and investigators.  The best part about the service was that afterwards we were invited over to Hermana Flor's house for a special dinner that she had prepared for us.  She is Elías's grandmother and somebody that we have been working with to reactivate.  The dinner was called "mondongo"  or in english, cow intestine soup.  Now, the experience wasn't all bad, I learned some things as I conquered the mondongo.  I learned that intestine is very chewy and that my gag reflex still works.  But really though, one side was very spongy and on the other side you could see the little hair-like things that line the intestines to keep the food moving along the digestive tract.  It was quite the experience.  She is talking about how she wants to prepare us pig hoof and leg for next week, so wish me luck haha.
This week we found some great families!  One of the families is now living in the house where we went to teach a family that moved a while ago.  There is something about that house and accepting the missionaries.  They were very interested and let us in and wanted to talk.  In Costa Rica, the church plays commercials on TV all of the time. So this family had all of the church commercials memorized and they just wanted to know more about what we believe.  They are great.  We found another family this week and it is large.  They are from Nicaragua and about 12 people live in their little house.  We are excited to teach them and they are interested as well.  

Oscar and Martha are doing great!  They were at the baptism yesterday and they were happy.  Little by little they are working on their addictions.  We are working hard with them and pass by every night for at least five minutes to see how they are doing with their addictions, to sing a hymn, and to pray. They are now praying each morning and night together for strength to overcome their addictions and I know that they can do it!

The work is great!  I am so grateful to work in this part of the Lord's vineyard.  The priesthood authority of God has been restored upon the face of the Earth.  Through that authority families can be forever!  How great is our message!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "Mejor el mondongo en salsa que el mondongo en sopa."

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