Tuesday, September 15, 2015

09.12.15 Service on the Mount

Hey everybody!

From what I hear everything is going great!  The wedding sounds like it was amazing and I can't wait to see the photos.  And it sounds like everyone is going to be traveling quite a bit for the next little bit!  I hope you all have fun!

This week was great.  We had a really exciting experience this week.  A companionship of Elders called this week from La Loma, a ward located in Desamparados, not too far from the office.  They said that they needed our help because one of their investigators was getting thrown out of their house and hadn't eaten for two days because her husband is incapacitated from cancer.  They needed us to take the truck and help them to move houses.  So we rounded up some good food and hopped in the pickup and headed out to La Loma.  We came to find out that this family lived on the top of the mountain.  San José is located in a valley and surrounded by mountains, and they were at the top.  So I started getting a little nervous because we were driving the brand new mission truck up the mountain on really small, beat up roads.  At some points I was amazed that roads could even be that steep.  So we got to their house and began to load their things into the truck.  This was all happening while the landlord was verbally abusing her and trying to tell us how terrible of a person she was.  Finally we got the first load strapped down and we were heading down the mountain on the tiny streets, trying not to get hit by the buses.  She was moving to the top of the other side of the mountain.  So we started up with the load of things.  The entire time I was completely nervous that the entire load was going to fall right out of the back as we scaled the mountain.  It was like mount crumpet!  The very last house at the very top was where she was going to live.  It didn't help either that everybody was telling us to be careful because it isn't a very safe place.  So after two more loads we had successfully passed the house.  Truthfully, I thought it was a lot of fun, but it was really edifying to see how much she appreciated it.  She started to tell us about her life, and it made me really grateful for my family and my country.  She was in tears to see that somebody came to help her in her time of great need.

This week I took missionaries from Argentina, Panama, and Mexico to their respective embassies and got a lot of good work done in the office.  This coming week is really full too!

Our investigators are doing really well and we are happy to see their progress.  Martha is doing a lot better that before with drinking.  We will be visiting them tonight to give them support.  Elias's baptism was moved to next week so we hope that all goes well with that!  Elder Nielson and I are super happy and we are seeing the Lord's hand often in our lives and in the lives of the investigators. 

Love you all and hope a week of éxito!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "Subamos, pues, al monte"

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