Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hey everybody!

Sounds like the fishing trip was great.  Especially the KFC/Taco Bell afterwards haha.  I ate some KFC this week, when I went I thought of fishing with all of you.  Also,k sounds like the plans for the wedding are moving forward well!  I hope everybody is doing well!

This week was great!  We spent most of the week in and setting up zone conferences and training from Elder Duncan of the Area Presidency.  They were really good and the spirit was abundant.  You can feel the power and the spirit that he brings when you are with him.  I have a testimony that he truly is a special witness of Jesus Christ.  He spoke a lot about the growth of the church in Costa Rica.  In the past month, the country went from 1 mission to 2, and from 6 stakes to 9.  That really is incredible.  He emphasized that real growth of the church is not measured by numbers of stakes or missions, but by the strength of the members that occupy them.  He trained on how we can become better teachers and how we can strengthen these members.

This week, we met an Ecuadorian family that is really strong in the church that lives in our ward but attends the neighboring ward.  We don't even know why he visits the other ward, but he is a really great guy.  He is about five foot tall and has hair down to his waist.  They are preparing to enter the temple and to be sealed.  He makes a bunch of typical Ecuador things that look really funky.  My companion and I are going to get some to help his family a little bit.  While we were visiting them, the wife gave us all sweet tomatoes to eat and she liquified some for sweet tomato juice.  It wasn't too bad haha, just really different.

This week has been really busy, and I have to do some things that I wasn't able to do in the week so I am short on time.  The church is true!  Christ lives!

Elder Nelson

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