Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey everybody!!
So Nate and Conner are golfing it up on the 4th of July!  That is awesome!  Maybe tonight you will go and see some fireworks and eat some barbeque.  Uuush that sounds so good.  I can't hide my America pride!
A lot happened this week.  On Monday we were running around like crazy to make sure everything is ready for the new presidents to arrive. On Tuesday we were with the new president helping him to get situated and doing all of his migration paperwork.  He lives in a new house in Santa Ana and it's a nice place.  That night we took his Sister Hayes and their daughter to Aserrí to work with missionaries in the field.  Aserrí is located in the mountains and the traffice was pretty bad.  But we got them up there and back and they had a very spiritual experience.  They are so excited to be here and I love their energy!  Wednesday we were up really early to take the Wilkinson family to the airport.  We went with the assistants and there were lots of tears shed. 
Thursday we had a zone conference with President Hayes.  He is so great!  He knows so much about the scriptures and I already have learned tons from him.  He is super loving and excited about the work.  He wants us to teach more with the scriptures and more with the Spirit. I have no doubt that I am going to learn a lot from him and his family.
Yesterday we saw a miracle.  One of our recent converts, David, gave us a reference months ago of a woman named Marta.  Well when he took us to meet her the first time she was in bad shape.  She was sitting at the bus stop and she was completely drunk.  She couldn't even understand what we were saying to her.  So we didn´t think much of it and a couple weeks later we saw her drunk in the street again.  We was crying and was telling us that she needed God's help.  So we said that we would bring someone and come visit her if she tells us where she lived.  She couldn't remember.  Anyways two days later we saw her on the street again and she came after us.  She was less drunk but still drunk.  She said showed us where she lived and we told her that we would come back tomorrow if she wasn't drunk.  So the next day we were wondering if we should even go because she would just be drunk again, but we went anyways to check on her.  When we arrived, she was there with her boyfriend.  To our surprise she wasn't drunk and the pamphlet we gave her was propped up against the wall for everyone to see.
It was a very humbling experience because her house is 4 tin walls and a tin roof and had just enough space for her and her husband to sit on the bed while we sat on two stools.  Earlier in the week Hermana Hayes taught us the important of hymns and touched on primary songs.  She challenged us to use a primary song to open some lessons and invite the Spirit. My companion had "I´m Trying to Be Like Jesus" in his bag from when we sang it at a baptism.  We sang the song and the Spirit was so strong.  We taught about the atonement of Jesus Christ, repentance, and baptism.  They were great to teach.  It turns out that they had investigated the church about 10 years ago and loved it.  They accepted baptimal dates and we are so excited to work with them.  Their kindness really humbled me because they wouldn´t let us leave until they served us juice and cookies.  They wanted to share whatever they had with us and it really touched me.
I love you lots and hope you have a great week!  God lives!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo Mexicano siempre me decía "Vamos a enseñar más con las escrituras y más con el Espiritú."

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