Monday, July 27, 2015



How is everybody?!  Thanks for the emails they are super great!  The house seems to be busy as usual!  Good, good!  Don't get too stressed out!  I'm sure the wedding will be fabulous!

This week was great!  In the office we have been preparing for the changes and all of the plans that go along with that.  I can´t believe that this is my fifth time doing it!  Now it feels like normal.  We will be welcoming 12 new missionaries so I am excited!

Last week we really saw the hand of the Lord in the work.  I have told you about Byron, the friend of Oscar and Martha.  Well, he is doing great!  Last Sunday we were out in the street waking everybody up for church and we saw him walking by.  When we saw him he was wearing his tattered clothes and had his long beard.  He said he would come to church and we waited for him there.  Honestly I wasn't so sure he was going to come, but when he came around the corner my mouth about dropped to the floor.  He was wearing a nice collared shirt and had shaved his beard completely for church.  He loved it!  This week he has has been progressing well as well as Oscar and Martha.  They are all coming to the ward activity tonight and to church tomorrow.  Woohoo!  

Also, this week we contacted a really good family that investigated the church a while back.  The father's first wife was Mormon and passed away some years ago.  We taught the entire family and they were very interested!  They committed to come to church as well and we are happy to be teaching them the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  

These last couple of weeks the country has been flooding with rain.  Today it has been raining a lot. But even with the rain we had quite the eventful morning.  President and his family were on their way up from Zona Sur after doing zone conference and their crate from the United States was arriving at 11.  So, we were running around all morning trying to find a key to the house to let the movers in.  In the end, we were driving all over the place trying to get the key and get to his house on time.  We did it!  Haha it was a challenge but we got it done.  

I hope all is well and love you all!  I pray for you lots! The church is true!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "Que Dios me lo bendiga."

The picture is with the Servers.  They are senior missionaries here and they are the parents of Brother Server in the ward.  He was a counselor in the Stake Presidency for 9 years with President Wilkinson.

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