Monday, June 15, 2015

06/13/15 Buenas de Costa Rica

Hey everybody!!
How is everybody doing?  It sounds like there is a lot of excitement going on at the house.  It is funny to hear about the grandkids coming over and wearing you out.  Now I can just imagine how Grandpa Bob felt after taking us around for a bit.  When they are old enough you can take them to the dollar store and McDonalds after school haha.  Also, I like the sounds of the plans for the backyard.  It will finally be done it sounds like.  Good stuff!
This week was another changes week.  I found that it was more hectic than normal, it is hard to try to explain things to Elder Kepo'o while running around at a thousand miles an hour.  But everything turned out great and I am happy for it to be over and to take a deep breath. 
Today Elder Nielson and I went to San José to buy some things.  A big part of San José will be a part of the other mission starting in a couple of weeks so we had to take adavantage of the opportunity. 
This week we had a couple of exciting experiences with sending home the missionaries that finished their missions.  Each time that a missionary leaves, they need to give back their active residency card to the mission.  These cards last a year and then they have to get them renewed.  Well the Elders usually get them renewed because they are in the country longer and the Sisters don't.  So the Elders get to keep them, but the Sisters don´t.  Anyway, to make a long story short, the Sisters were not happy that they didn't get to keep their cards.  Now it is a joke of the office about how much they hated me, but I truly was being so nice.  They shot the messenger is what happened.  I couldn't believe that they got so upset about giving it back, but oh well, they finished their missions haha. 
We have received some good referrals that we are going to go contact today and hopefully we see some fruit from them.  I'm excited to get back out in the field this week to get things up and going in the area. 
I've got to get going, not a lot of time today!  I love you all and hope the best always!  The church is true!  Families are eternal!  The power of God has been restored to the Earth!  The Spirit has taught me these truths, and the Spirit can and will teach everyone who asks with faith.
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo Mexicano siempre me decía "Mis nietos me cansan, pero me encanta verlos."

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