Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hey everybody!
Glad to hear that the boy's trip to Oklahoma was a success.  Lots of eating and relaxing, sounds good to me!  Also, the changes that you will be making to the house sound good as well.
This week was a great week in Costa Rica.  I recieve my trainee on Wednesday, Elder Kepo'o.  He is from Hawaii and is a super great guy.  Whenever we do something cool he says, "That is so dawg."  It's starting to rub off on me so don't be surprised if I come home saying that things are "dawg."  We have spent the week preparing for the changes on Monday and teaching him about all of the things we do.  He is catching on really fast, and we have a busy week ahead of us.  We have 19 new missionaries arriving in the mission, the biggest group that has come in for a while. 

Last night we were able to have a ward missionary activity in the chapel.  There was ping-pong, soccer, home-made root beer, Mormon messages, games, the works.  It was super great and had an amazing turn out.  We can see the difference in the ward from when we came.  The members are becoming more involved in the missionary work and it is amazing to see.  A bunch of investigators came and it was an all-around success.
This week I took 11 people to migration to get their residencies.  But this was not any normal trip to migration, it was more exciting that that.  Every time I go to migration with missionaries it is a 4-5 hour process.  This time we went, and ten of the eleven missionaries got their residency cards at the normal time, but they lost the card of the eleveth.  When we asked for it, they said that he had to go through the process again and we would have to wait another hour.  But, it was raining really hard, and when they went back to reprint his card the machine had been flooded by rain.  Finally they dried it all out and it worked and right when they called his name to get his card a "flash mob" broke out of Costa Rican marachi and people in giant puppet costumes.  It was quite the experience haha.
The work that we are doing in the field is going well.  We were finally able to get in contact with Noelia's daughter.  She is 23 with two kids.  We are excited to start teaching her and the rest of her family.  My companion and I are continually looking for new investigators and trying our best to open our mouths with all that we see. 
The work load is going up and up in the office as we count down the days to the new missions.  At times it is stressful, but it is really good and is teaching me a lot about planning and organization.  On the 23 of June, President Wilkinson will call the entire mission in for a farewell meeting.  He is going to bear his final testimony and it will be powerful.  Working with him has been the greatest privilege that I have had.  He is such a great example of a priesthood man.  He has taught me so much..
I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "Ser misionero el lo mejor."

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