Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hey everybody!!

I'm glad to hear that you had a great time in New York!  By the sounds of it you were running around quite a bit!  Hopefully you weren't too stressed out on your vacation, if stress is involved it is not a Nelson vacation haha.  But I'm sure it was great all the same.  I hope you have fun in St. George this weekend as well.

This week was quite the normal week in the office.  However, I had a day full of excitement on Thursday.  So I am in charge of keeping everybody in the country legally, but there are some complications when it comes to senior couples.  The senior couples that work at the temple have to be in the country on visa or with residency to be able to drive their cars legally.  So every 90 days they have to leave the country to go to Panama if their residency doesn´t come through in migration.  So all of the temple couples have been to Panama once to renew their visas but did not want to go again.  So they called me every other day asking if their residency had come in.  Every time I had to tell them that we are still waiting for it to come out of migration.  I was always calling the lawyers trying to get them to push it through faster.  So, I have always been stuck in the middle between the lawyers and the senior couples trying to get this pushed through.  Finally, this week their residencies came through and I told them to meet us at migration on Thursday to get their residency.  That is just the background information.

On Thursday morning I came to the office and I was going to take some other missionaries with me as well to take out their residencies.  One missionary comes into the office and isn't looking too good.  I truly didn't think that much of it, I'm pretty good friends with the Elder and so when our bus driver came I told everyone to hop in and off we went to meet the senior couples at migration.  When we got to migration, I met with all of the senior couples and told them to wait for me while I go inside to talk the migration person that always helps us, Mariana.  So I took the Elder in with me to the migration building (lots of people and long lines).  I begin to talk with Mariana and she wasn't too happy because the lawyers did the paperwork wrong and she wasn't going to give the residency to the senior couples.  I knew that they were going to be upset to hear this news so I was trying to figure out any possible solution.  I was on the phone with the lawyers, talking to the head of religious volunteers in migration, and doing everything I could.  The next thing I know Mariana starts getting worked up because the Elder I brought with me into migration was sitting on the floor looking as pale as a ghost.  I was just thinking "one emergency at a time."  So Mariana demanded that I take him to the nurse there at the building and so I took him over there.  He couldn't even walk without me holding him.  I finally got him to the nurse’s office and got him some juice and crackers.  I left him with another missionary and went back to try to figure out this problem in migration.  After talking for a long time she finally let them get their residencies without the correct paperwork and I was super relieved.

So as each of them passes through to sign papers and talk with Mariana she get really angry at them because of the sick Elder.  She kept saying stuff like "You don't feed them enough” and "they all look ill."  These senior couples that don't speak very much Spanish looked a little surprised to have this lady yelling at them haha.  It was quite the scene.  So everybody passes through to get their photo taken and I´m feeling relieved that it all worked out.  We go outside for them to call our names so we can leave and the next thing I know that sick Elder is laying on the ground.  We were just making all sorts of scenes that day.  Finally the Temple President decides to take him back to the office.  Another Elder and I hauled him out to his car and off they went.  The only problem was that I had to fight to get his residency card without him being there, but no worries, I got it.  I got back to the office and I was so exhausted but with the help of the Lord everything worked out.  It was quite the day in migration.

In the field we have been seeing so many miracles.  I told you about the investigator that we found with the sign outside of her house that said "I love Jesus."  Well, we are planning her baptism for this Saturday.  She definitely is one of the elect.  We are going to see if we can have our recent convert, Jorge, baptize her this Saturday so we are excited!

I love you all and hope the best for you!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo Mexicano siempre me decía "Tienen que alimentar mejor a los misioneros, si no, se van a desmayar."

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