Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey everybody!!
It sounds like good things are happening at home.  The fishing trip in Oklahoma sounds super exciting and fun.  I hope all goes well and you have a big catch and a fun time.
So we just completed another changes week in the mission.  Boy was it hectic.  It was a pretty small group and we got it all good to go.  We weren´t able to get out in the field as much as we wanted because of all of the activities going on in the office.  However, we were still able to get out and talk with a bunch of people and find some great new investigators. 
We are now in the last full change that President Wilkinson has and are really close to splitting the mission. We keep finding more things to do and new things to make better before the split.  President has already picked the other secretaries for the other mission and we will be training them starting next change.  It will be a bit of a challenge to train them in 3 weeks, but I know it is possible, we will just be running a lot to get things done and have them trained in half of the time. 
In the area we found a really good family and we are very excited to teach them.  We found them one day while contacting some houses.  We set a return appointment and went back to teach.  When we went back they were super interested and asked so many great questions.  She told us that she felt such a burden, and she was very confused about religion.  So we taught repentance and baptism.  She accepted and really has the desire.  We asked her if we could come by on Saturday and when she said "yes,"  her daughter said "no we can´t we have an activity in our church on Saturday."  Quickly the mom said "we are not going to play around, we are in this now so you won´t be going to that activity on Saturday."  We were stunned and amazed at her great faith and we are excited to continue teaching the family.  They do have a hang up because they are not married and her boyfriend is like thirty years older than her, but that is normal for Costa Rica.  We will just have to teach better for them to understand.
Well, I don't have much time today.  I hope that everyone has a great week!
Elder Nelson

Pic from upstairs in our house where all of the missionaries sleep when they come to the office.

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