Saturday, April 11, 2015

04/11/15 Great Week!

Hey everybody!
It is sounding like everything is fun at home!  Dad fishing with an outfitter?  Dad, all you need is buy some Diet Coke and Twinkies and to throw some safari madness on the end of a hook.  It works every time!  But I hope that you had a successful trip and got a good catch with the professional.
President decided that he wants to leave the mission with a "pharmacy" of good talks, quotes, and teaching techniques before he leaves in July.  So, has been sending me all sorts of thing in English and asks me to translate them to Spanish for him to give out to the mission in Zone Conferences.  This week I did a lot of translating for him.  It is super hard to translate the immaculate words of these people, but it is helping me a lot as a missionary to study these papers and translate them to Spanish.  It is quite the event!

Elder Nielson and I had a cultural experience last week.  To finish semana santa, many of the churches around here did funeral processions for the death of Christ.  They would play funeral music and hundreds of people would walk down the street with their heads down.  It kind of caught me off guard the first time we saw one, but after that it got pretty normal.  Everyone was so sad in the procession.  Christ lives!  

This week was really good!  Conference was amazing!  The talks were so on point and I loved them!  We were able to have Noelia join us at conference and she really enjoyed it.  After the conference, she explained to us that one of the speakers really stuck out to her and had very powerful words.  After a while we found out that she was talking about the prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  We pulled out a picture and sure enough it was him that made her feel a special feeling.  We testified that she felt that way because she heard the prophet of the Lord speak.  It was such an amazing experience for her and for us.  I know that God calls inspired leaders in the latter days to guide us back to our heavenly home.  During conference I could feel the power of the inspired speakers and the messages they delivered, and I am so grateful that Noelia was able to feel the same way. 
Later in the week, on Wednesday, all of our appointments fell though and we decided that we would start looking for some new investigators to teach.  We were going down the streets talking to everybody that we could trying to get somebody to let us in.   We were getting rejected quite a bit, but we finally got to the end of the street and a family let us in.  It was a spiritual lesson and we are very exited to work with them.  It wasn't until the day almost ended but I am glad that the Lord helped us to reach our goals and to be able to find a great new family to teach.  Faith is such an amazing principle and something that I have found to be so important while on my mission.  As missionaries we try to develop a "perfect faith."  I love the idea of "´perfect faith."  When we put our goal with our Heavenly Father and ask Him for help in allowing us to achieve it, we have no reason to doubt that we will be able to achieve our goal.  As President Wilkinson says, doubt is the enemy of faith.  I know that the Lord is always watching out for us, and will always help us to achieve anything if we put in our part.
I love you!  Keep the faith!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "¡Vaya con fe y conquiste!"

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