Friday, April 3, 2015

04/03/15 Semana Santa 2015

Hey everybody!
I hope all is going well on the home front.  I really love reading all of your letters, all of you are so awesome!  They are awesome!
Well this week it is Semana Santa, which is basically the spring break here for everyone in Costa Rica.  Thursday and Friday are national holidays and everyone evacuates to go to the beach.  Zapote is a ghost town right now!  This is the first time we have been able to walk to the office without playing frogger with all of the cars in the street.  So things are moving a little slow these days in San Jose. 
Right now in the office we are preparing for the audit.  So basically the church is going to come in here and audit the mission before it splits, and the last audit was like three years ago.  I remember Mom going in early and staying late at work trying to get ready for finincial checks and things.  Well, now I am living it haha, it reminds me a lot of Mom.  I think she would love being an office missionary, I feel like a lot of it is exactly what she does at work and dad can be in charge of all of the cars haha.  I think you two would have a blast! Well, the only thing is that we are sorting through three years of filing from 18 and 19 year old boys and it's quite the puzzle.  But we are working hard at it and it is quite the event. Also, the mission is preparing more and more for the split.  President has now called a new set of assistants and created two new zones for missionaries.  Things are super exciting in the mission!
This week was great in the field.  Noelia has now gone several days without coffee and is as happy as ever.  We also have been working with a really good family for a while.  We were able to put a baptismal date with them and we hope for the best!  They were baptized in a different church about three months ago so we are working hard with them to understand the importance of authority and several other things.  The dad is awesome and loves to read the Book of Mormon.  They just need one little spiritual experience, and I know that the Lord will provide them with one if they do their part.  We also were able to reestablish contact with an investigator that I found with Elder Hoover. We were able to put a baptismal date with her and her family will accompany us to General Conference so I am super happy for them!
I hope that everyone is getting ready to hear the words of living prophets this weekend!  I know that I am!  Tell everybody about it!  It's not every day that the Lord's prophet speaks to the world!  I'll be thinking of you guys!  The other day I was thinking about when we used to get treats for answering questions about conference correctly.  I didn't know anything as a young boy and my sibling whispered in my ear "the clumps." Haha fun times.

Also, Elder Carter sent me the photos this week of the baptisms of Braulin and Alonso. Two young men we were working with in La Rita when I left!  It made me super happy that they made the choice to be baptized.  Glad that La Rita is still going strong!
I hope that everyone has a great week and a great General Conference!
Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "El día en que la obediencia llega a ser una búsqueda y no una molestia, es el día que tendrá poder."

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