Sunday, April 26, 2015

04/25/15 Miracle in Zapote

Hey everybody!
Thank you so much for the letters you write!  You are all super awesome.  It sounds like there are a bunch of exciting things going on back home.  I loved the pics of all of the nephews.  Karli and Nate have some super cute kids!  What is the deal with Conner?  San Francisco, Texas, and New York.  Quite the traveler huh?  That is so cool and I am excited for all of the adventures that everybody is on right now.
This week was so amazing in Zapote. I am so grateful for the miracles that the Lord works in our lives.  I know that He is aware of us and our prayers.  I have been writing for quite a while about our investigator, Noelia, and her family.  Well, last Saturday night she was able to be baptized.  We had been working with her for quite a while and she was prepared for baptism.  She had received so many witnesses from the Spirit that the things that we teach are true.  However, like always, the adversary wouldn´t go down without a fight.  We met with her that Monday and made sure she was clear on the baptismal date and that she was ready.  We set up her interview for Wednesday and started all of the preparations.  When we passed by on Tuesday, I could feel that she was going through some sort of trial and was getting a little disheartened.  We went forward with the plans and told her that we would be taking her to the chapel on Wednesday to meet with our friend for an interview.  Well when we went on Wednesday she was not happy.  She no longer wanted to have her interview.  So we talked with her for a little bit and she conceded to walk with us to the chapel for the interview.  Elder Nielson and I were waiting on pins and needles, but everything turned out perfectly.  She came out of the interview so edified and beaming.  She was excited for her baptism on Saturday and we were grateful that everything went well. 

So we kept going forward with our plans, and when we took President to the airport on Thursday we told him about her and her baptism.  Well, he wanted to come with his wife and family so we were really excited and nervous haha.  As the week moved on I could once again feel that she was getting a little closed off and I was a little nervous.  And sure enough we got a text Friday night that she no longer wanted to be baptized.  So we woke up early on Saturday morning to see what was going on.  We had to have one of  President's children across San Jose taking the ACT at 9 so we were up pretty early.  When we passed by her house she was very down and wanted nothing to do with us.  It broke my heart.  We testified as much as we could before we had to leave and told her that she needed to pray, and that we would be back at 3 to see if she felt different (the baptism was scheduled for 6).  So we did all of the tasks of the day including picking President up from the airport that afternoon.  He asked us about our baptism and he could see that we were a little down. After telling him and Sister Wilkinson what happened, Sister Wilkinson said that they would do a family prayer that our baptism could go through when they got home.  So, we dropped them off at the house and went quickly to Noelia´s house.  When we arrived she was beaming.  It was the strangest thing.  We asked her how she felt, and she said that she was getting baptized that day.  She had changed 180 degrees, all through prayer.  She prayed, President's family prayed, and we prayed a lot.  We were so excited and got everything ready to go as fast as possible.  That night she was baptized and the next day confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  After her baptism she told us how happy she felt, and everyone at the service could feel her happiness as well. 
I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing Noelia to be baptized on Saturday.  It was impossible without Him.  This last week she has been so happy and told us that she was writing a little book called, The Privilege of Having Angels, and it is about her conversion.  This past week she told us about all of the bus contacts she has been doing and friends that she is inviting to church.  She is so amazing, and without a doubt was prepared to receive message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 
This past week went great, and everything went well with the audit of the office and our preparations for changes.  This Monday will arrive a new group of missionaries and I expect a lot of changes in preparation for the split of the mission that is coming soon.
I love you and and hope the best for you all!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo Mexicano siempre me decía "Los milagros de Dios jamas cesarán."
The pictures are from Noelia's baptism, Sister Wilkinson came with her kids as well as the Burts, the senior couple that works with us in the office.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hey everybody!
I hope that everything is going well!  Sounds like the boys are getting ready for another fishing trip soon.  That's awesome and I hope you have a good catch.  I can't believe that Bentley is already in pre-school!  He's growing up really fast.  Sounds like you are enjoying some great weather.  Any day now we are expecting the start of the rain.  I've still got my first umbrella in the mission and I'm ready to break it back out.. duct tape and all!
This week has been full of excitement.  We are still working with Noelia and helping her progress in the Gospel.  Elder Nielson and I spent a lot of time in the office this week trying to make some major changes to the mission before the split.  Everything seems to be picking up right now.  We are changing the entire housing system of the missionaries to be paid electronically rather than having the missionaries take out cash to pay their landlords.  It is a lot of work but it will really streamline the process for the entire mission.  Also we have the audit next week so we are preparing for that a lot to make sure that we are all up to speed and ready to present the mission to the church.  Another changes week is coming up and we have a week of Zone Conferences to look forward to.  There are a lot of things going on! 

This morning we picked up President and his wife from the airport after they were in a mission presidents seminar with the Area Presidency.  We were able to discuss the conference and to have a good laugh. They are so great!
This last week we had time to buy some food at an American store.  I bought some frozen corn dogs so I am doing pretty good right now!  Now I just need to find a chocolate shake and it'll be just like Crown Burger haha.
Sorry I wasn't able to write a lot today, we are limited on time. 
I love and pray for you!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "Usted no sabe comer. Solo come cosas de la microondas."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

04/11/15 Great Week!

Hey everybody!
It is sounding like everything is fun at home!  Dad fishing with an outfitter?  Dad, all you need is buy some Diet Coke and Twinkies and to throw some safari madness on the end of a hook.  It works every time!  But I hope that you had a successful trip and got a good catch with the professional.
President decided that he wants to leave the mission with a "pharmacy" of good talks, quotes, and teaching techniques before he leaves in July.  So, has been sending me all sorts of thing in English and asks me to translate them to Spanish for him to give out to the mission in Zone Conferences.  This week I did a lot of translating for him.  It is super hard to translate the immaculate words of these people, but it is helping me a lot as a missionary to study these papers and translate them to Spanish.  It is quite the event!

Elder Nielson and I had a cultural experience last week.  To finish semana santa, many of the churches around here did funeral processions for the death of Christ.  They would play funeral music and hundreds of people would walk down the street with their heads down.  It kind of caught me off guard the first time we saw one, but after that it got pretty normal.  Everyone was so sad in the procession.  Christ lives!  

This week was really good!  Conference was amazing!  The talks were so on point and I loved them!  We were able to have Noelia join us at conference and she really enjoyed it.  After the conference, she explained to us that one of the speakers really stuck out to her and had very powerful words.  After a while we found out that she was talking about the prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  We pulled out a picture and sure enough it was him that made her feel a special feeling.  We testified that she felt that way because she heard the prophet of the Lord speak.  It was such an amazing experience for her and for us.  I know that God calls inspired leaders in the latter days to guide us back to our heavenly home.  During conference I could feel the power of the inspired speakers and the messages they delivered, and I am so grateful that Noelia was able to feel the same way. 
Later in the week, on Wednesday, all of our appointments fell though and we decided that we would start looking for some new investigators to teach.  We were going down the streets talking to everybody that we could trying to get somebody to let us in.   We were getting rejected quite a bit, but we finally got to the end of the street and a family let us in.  It was a spiritual lesson and we are very exited to work with them.  It wasn't until the day almost ended but I am glad that the Lord helped us to reach our goals and to be able to find a great new family to teach.  Faith is such an amazing principle and something that I have found to be so important while on my mission.  As missionaries we try to develop a "perfect faith."  I love the idea of "´perfect faith."  When we put our goal with our Heavenly Father and ask Him for help in allowing us to achieve it, we have no reason to doubt that we will be able to achieve our goal.  As President Wilkinson says, doubt is the enemy of faith.  I know that the Lord is always watching out for us, and will always help us to achieve anything if we put in our part.
I love you!  Keep the faith!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "¡Vaya con fe y conquiste!"

Friday, April 3, 2015

04/03/15 Semana Santa 2015

Hey everybody!
I hope all is going well on the home front.  I really love reading all of your letters, all of you are so awesome!  They are awesome!
Well this week it is Semana Santa, which is basically the spring break here for everyone in Costa Rica.  Thursday and Friday are national holidays and everyone evacuates to go to the beach.  Zapote is a ghost town right now!  This is the first time we have been able to walk to the office without playing frogger with all of the cars in the street.  So things are moving a little slow these days in San Jose. 
Right now in the office we are preparing for the audit.  So basically the church is going to come in here and audit the mission before it splits, and the last audit was like three years ago.  I remember Mom going in early and staying late at work trying to get ready for finincial checks and things.  Well, now I am living it haha, it reminds me a lot of Mom.  I think she would love being an office missionary, I feel like a lot of it is exactly what she does at work and dad can be in charge of all of the cars haha.  I think you two would have a blast! Well, the only thing is that we are sorting through three years of filing from 18 and 19 year old boys and it's quite the puzzle.  But we are working hard at it and it is quite the event. Also, the mission is preparing more and more for the split.  President has now called a new set of assistants and created two new zones for missionaries.  Things are super exciting in the mission!
This week was great in the field.  Noelia has now gone several days without coffee and is as happy as ever.  We also have been working with a really good family for a while.  We were able to put a baptismal date with them and we hope for the best!  They were baptized in a different church about three months ago so we are working hard with them to understand the importance of authority and several other things.  The dad is awesome and loves to read the Book of Mormon.  They just need one little spiritual experience, and I know that the Lord will provide them with one if they do their part.  We also were able to reestablish contact with an investigator that I found with Elder Hoover. We were able to put a baptismal date with her and her family will accompany us to General Conference so I am super happy for them!
I hope that everyone is getting ready to hear the words of living prophets this weekend!  I know that I am!  Tell everybody about it!  It's not every day that the Lord's prophet speaks to the world!  I'll be thinking of you guys!  The other day I was thinking about when we used to get treats for answering questions about conference correctly.  I didn't know anything as a young boy and my sibling whispered in my ear "the clumps." Haha fun times.

Also, Elder Carter sent me the photos this week of the baptisms of Braulin and Alonso. Two young men we were working with in La Rita when I left!  It made me super happy that they made the choice to be baptized.  Glad that La Rita is still going strong!
I hope that everyone has a great week and a great General Conference!
Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decía "El día en que la obediencia llega a ser una búsqueda y no una molestia, es el día que tendrá poder."