Sunday, February 15, 2015

02/13/15 Zapote!

Hey everybody!!

How are you all doing!  Enjoy some Saint George sun!  I love to get all of your letters and hear from you all!

This week was a good week! I'm starting to get a hold on all of the office things that I have to do and I like it a lot!  The things in the office are a lot of the same and we are working hard in the area.  This week Elder Hoover and I were out working and he decided to take me to the scariest place in the area!  Its called Barrio Nuevo and it is a bunch of houses pegged up against a hill.  To get into the area you have to walk across a suspension bridge over a gully on a bridge that doesn't seem very safe haha.  Well the area is so bad that the Bishop of the ward told us not to work there anymore.  Well Elder Hoover just wanted to show me the bridge and so he took me down there on our way back to the house at night.  We round the corner to see the bridge into Barrio Nuevo and a huge group of guys was there to greet us haha.  We turned right around and got out of there!  My heart was beating so fast but we got home safe and sound!  Its probably the roughest place I've ever been and I don't plan on going back soon.

We have some super good investigators that we are working with as well!  There is one family of five that we are working with that has serious potential!  We are working hard with them to get their spiritual confirmation that these things are true.  They love the Book of Mormon they just need help with a couple other details.  We also have found quite a few great new investigators these week and we plan on following up with them! 

This past week Elder Hoover and I went to the bank to get out some money to do some office work.  At this bank there is a hedge about waist high that goes through the parking lot to divide two different parts of the lot.  My companion ran ahead of me and jumped over it like it was nothing.  So, I sized it up a bit, got a running start and I went for it!  Lets just say that the hedge wasn't very nice to me because the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground in the parking lot at the bank all scratched up.  The hedge was a little beat up too haha.  It must just run in the genes.. jump over the box.. jump over the hedge.  It was a sight to be seen!

Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week!  The church is true!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia:  Tiene que correr mas rapido para poder brincar mas arriba.

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