Sunday, February 8, 2015

02/07/15 First Week!

Hey everybody!  How is everyone doing?!  I really do love to hear from each of you.  Everyone sounds like they are having exciting things going on!  You guys are the best!
I got changed out of La Rita.. man it was a special place.  I love the members in La Rita and the past six months were great.  I was sad that I am missing our baptisms for the month.  Two great guys, Alonso and Braulin.  But the area was left in good hands so no worries.
So this Monday I got changed to the mission office to be the migration secretary of the mission!  Man it is completely different than what I am used to haha.  Basically my job is to make sure that each of the missionaries in the mission are legal to be here.  There is also a ton of other stuff that we do that you would never even think that mission secretaries do, but I am still learning a ton.  This past week was changes week so we had the busiest week of my mission.  Each changes week we are in charge of making sure that all of the new missionaries that are coming get a ton of paper work done and get them all set up to go on divisions with other Elders until they get their trainers.  We also are in charge of coordinating all of the flights of the outgoing missionaries and taking them to the airport at 3 in the morning.  We did that this week and it was a doozy haha. 
I'm getting trained by the old migration secretary, Elder Hoover.  But when he leaves after this change my companion will be Elder Nielson, he is being trained to be the financial secretary.  He is from South Carolina and really likes school and to read books.  He's from South Carolina and came in the same group as me to Costa Rica  I actually sat by him on the bus during our first day at the MTC.  Who knew that we would end up being companions!  Elder Nelson and Elder Nielson in the office!  It confuses everybody!  Haha Sister Wilkinson just calls us Utah and South Carolina.
I'm in the process of getting my Costa Rican drivers license.  Driving here is completely insane.  I'm pretty nervous but I'll be alright. The problem is that Elder Nielson is scared to death to drive!  He tells me all the time that he refuses to drive.  We will see about that haha.  The mission has a brand new toyota pickup with rear view camera and everything.  It is pretty sweet, but I really don't want to wreck it.   
Our new area is in Zapote, which is just basically on the outskirts of San Jose.  It is completely different!  The people are a lot more closed off to missionaries.  You can't be as direct here or it will turn all of the people off.  Finding people to teach is more of a challenge, but there are still plenty of people to teach.  Its all good!
Well I love you all!  Have a good week! 
Elder Nelson
P.S.  I already found the Johnny Rockets in San Jose.

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