Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/6/15 Feliz año nuevo!!

Hello!  Como les van todos?!!
I hope everyone is doing well.  I can't wait to see all of the new changes in the house!  It sounds like they are going to be great.  Things are going to be pretty quiet at the house now it seems like.  It's okay, everything will be awesome!  I wish Con Dawg luck living at  BYU.. go get em buddy!  Also Nate and Karli in school as well!  This week I got the package with the Christmas card from Karli!  Man her little boys are so stinking cute.  From what I can tell Nixon is the next Karl Nelson haha.  I also got all of the missionary plaques!  That is so awesome!  I have them all hanging above my desk to remind me of my awesome family.
So I found out why nobody celebrates Christmas here in Costa Rica.  It's because they were all saving up their energy for New Years Eve.  We couldn't find anyone at home.. everyone was out getting ready to party.  And at midnight the entire town went crazy.  I personally don't know because I was in a deep sleep but my companion says that our room was like a strobe light from all of the fireworks and everyone was yelling.  He didn't get much sleep haha but I was fine!
This week was great!  We got a lot of good work done and have been preparing to have success in the month of January.  Elder Carter and I set a goal to teach 50 lessons last week and we were working super hard to hit it.  We were on track and working hard all week with short, powerful lessons.  We were totally going to hit it too.. but on Saturday we got a call from the zone leaders that we had a service project to do in Guapiles. We went and it turned out that we were setting up EFY Costa Rica in Guapiles.  It was such a cool experience.  It is being held at a private school there that the church is renting out for the week.  Right now all of the school kids are on their -summer break- and everyone is going to the beach and cool things like that.  But this week they are having EFY and all of the youth from Costa Rica are going to come and have a fun time.  We were there with the local scout troop setting up 180 tents and a cot for everybody.  It was super cool because all of the scouts were asking us if we did scouts in the States and if we were Eagles and all that.  Scouts is like the super cool thing to do here so they thought we were pretty awesome. 
This week we saw a miracle in our area.  We have an investigator named Moises that we have gone to visit since I have been here in La Rita.  He has never been able to have work off nor is he married, so we would pass by every now and then to see how he is coming along and if he has been able to get work off and come to church.  This guy is the man.  The first day that the missionaries went to his house he read a ton in the Book of Mormon and he is still going.  His only problem has been being able to come to church on Sundays.  Well this week we went to see him and he said that he was finally going to ask his boss to have Sundays off.  The thing is that in Costa Rica work is very hard to come by, and the bosses are super harsh so for him to ask for work off on Sundays was a super big leap of faith.  The Lord blessed him for acting on his faith and was able to have Sundays off!!  He has to work til 1 or 2 in the morning some days to be able to have Sundays off but he is so happy!  Right now we are planning his wedding and he is super excited.  He always says.. new year, new life!  He is so great!
This week we also found some thick jungle in our area.  We are planning on going exploring next p-day with some machetes.. tarzan style.  One day we were just walking to some of our investigators and we found a road that we had never seen before.  It leads back into some farm area and jungle area too.  We found an awesome family over there and they told us that there is a lagoon back in the jungle so we are super excited!  Also, the farms that we found were aloe vera farms so if you have ever wondered where the aloe vera comes from you can think about Elder Nelson in La Rita!!
I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!
Elder Nelson
P.S. They announced the new mission presidents.  One is from Idaho and one is from Honduras!

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