Tuesday, January 27, 2015

01/27/15 Great week!!!

Hey!!  How is everybody!!  I love reading all of the letters each week!  You guys are the best!  I know that all of you are killing it in all that you are doing! Keep it up haha!

So this week we were working super hard to make sure we could get Moises and Marisol to church for their confirmations. So it turns out that at the beginning of the week their little baby was super sick and they were not going to be able to both come and be confirmed because someone had to stay at home with the baby.  To make things worse her entire family is really against our church so nobody would watch the baby for an hour so they could come to church.  So we were in need of another miracle to be able to get them confirmed this week. By the end of the week the baby had recovered but they could only bring it to church if it wasn't raining.  We prayed and prayed and on Sunday morning that beautiful sun came out!!  It was such a great experience!

We have transfers this next Monday so next Tuesday I could write you from a new área.  President says that it is a sin to think about transfers so that's all I can say on the subject haha.

As a mission we are really trying to work hard in the retention of recent converts.  In Costa Rica there is a huge retention issue.  The country has roughly 50,000 members and only 9,000 are active.  That is what you call an uphill battle haha.  We visit several less active members weekly to help in reactivation but at least here it is much harder to reactivate than it is to retain from the get go.  In Costa Rica many people think that it is just too hard to be a Mormon so they just inactivate.   We testify that they can do it with the help of the Lord but many just give up. That's the hardest thing for me to see.  But there is always hope in Christ and we will get them going again!

I love you all and I love the church! Have a great week!!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexican siempre me decía:  Porque esta llevando una sombrilla?  Para bautizar y retener!!

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