Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/14 Walking in a Winter Wonderland . . . .

Hey everybody!

I love to read all of your emails!  You guys are awesome!  Hope you all have some good plans for Christmas, because I sure do baby!!

This week has been so awesome! We have been working super hard to find and teach all week!  When we get back to the house it is super hard not to just pass out, but that's missionary work!  I love it!

We are preparing an investigator, Anllel, for his baptism this week. He is super excited and we are too!  He's 9 years old but has a good support system with his grandma in the church.  We are working super hard though with his parents.  We had a lesson with him and his mom and she really wants to be baptized too, but she needs to be married first.  This is the biggest trial that we have as missionaries in Costa Rica.  Nobody is married.  I think I have met one, maybe two, families that are married that aren't members of the church.  The reason that nobody is married because they are all in what they call -union libre-.  Basically that means that every couple that has been together for at least three years receives all the rights and benefits of a marriage from Costa Rica.  So in their eyes marriage is just paying a lot of money for a piece of paper that doesn't change anything.  Sometimes it's a little frustrating but there is nothing that we can't overcome!

On Saturday we went to do some service!  Some investigators from the other companionship in La Rita were moving to San Martin.  So they asked us to help them build their house!  We went into the middle of the jungle with a pile of scrap wood and built a house in the pouring rain!  It was so sweet!  The only problem is that the mosquitos ate us alive!  All of us have super red and itchy legs!  I've never itched so bad in my life, but it was an awesome experience and the family is happy!

We are working with another family that is so awesome!  They have three little girls and every time we come they just talk our ears off!  They love talking to gringos haha.  It is such an awesome family.  Every time we are about to teach them I get so nervous!  We are working hard with them but they aren't married either so we have to wait for that.  Bring it on!

The weather is super rainy!  I personally enjoy it!  Better than the super hot sun that they have here haha.

I love you all!  Missionary work is so awesome!  Talk to you soon!

Elder Nelson

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