Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12/09/14 Cambios!!

Well everybody it sounds like things have slowed down a little bit at the house.  Things are more quiet around there now that Thanksgiving is over haha. Sounds like you've got exciting plans for Christmas too!!  Good stuff!
This week we had changes!  My buddy Elder Mejia took off for San Jose central. Sounds like kind of a rough area but he will figure it out.  Seriously though we were a little sad to get the news of changes.  I mean after four and a half months with the guy we were pretty good buddies. The poor guy didn't want to leave right before Christmas because we are going to eat a lot of tamales coming up here in La Rita haha!
I went to San Jose on Monday to get my new companion!  You will never guess who it is!  It's a gringo!! But not only a gringo.. it's a gringo that came with me in my group!  But even more than that we followed each other on instagram before the mission.. so I guess you could say we are pretty tight haha.  His name is Elder Carter and he graduated from Timpview this year.  He likes to work and we are ready to tear things up in La Rita!  But this next transfer is 8 weeks so by the end of it I will have been in La Rita for 6 full months!  I feel so good here!  Definitely the best area in the mission.. at least to me!
This week we had a lot of powerful lessons.  We are working hard with one of our investigators named Bruno.  He is sixteen years old and is super excited about the gospel!  When we met him he was super closed off to the world and told us that he didn't know for sure if there is a God.  Well now he loves to come to church, stopped taking drugs, and took out his gauges!  He is the man and he invites us to his house for a lesson and a treat!  Killer!!

The weather has been pretty rough the last little bit.  We haven't seen the sun for a while.. lots of rain! It's a different feeling because at night it is freezing and I haven't felt cold in all of my time in Costa Rica until now.  But it'll heat back up I'm sure!

This last little bit I've had to rely on my Spanish more than ever because it's just us two gringos and I don't have someone to save me anymore!  But it is awesome and I'm learning each day!
I love you all and I hope all is well in your preparations for Christmas!

Elder Nelson

Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia:  Espero que su español es lo suficiente para explicar los principios del evangelio

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