Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/25/14 How is Everybody?!

What up USA?!  I hope all is well and that everyone is getting ready to celebrate one of the greatest days of the year on Thursday
So our cocinera was getting us all pumped up to have typical Thanksgiving food on Thanksgiving but I think that it fell through.. more rice and beans baby!!  I don't know if I have explained this to you but I'm pretty sure that the national food of Costa Rica is rice. We eat it in kilos!  Every other country in Central America eats more tortilla and a lot less rice, but the Costaricans are super proud of it.  But seriously for breakfast the typical food is rice with beans.  For lunch we eat rice and beans with some meat and dinner is more rice and beans or rice and bean soup haha.  There are a some elders that carry sauces in their backpacks to always have with them because they can't take it anymore plain haha.  It's a good thing that I'm the way I am because I actually enjoy it a lot! 
This week has been good and we are finding a lot of good investigators.  Right now Elder Mejia and I are focusing on finding a lot of new investigators to spark the work a little bit in our area. We are working with references from members a lot.  A member of the Bishopric gave us a reference of a family that is amazing.  We went with him to visit them for the first time and they live a little far away haha.  It was a 25 minute hike all the way out to a little neighborhood called La Bomba.  We were super sweaty when we showed up but we had a great lesson with them and have a return appointment today. 
I told you a little bit about a group of teenagers that we found and taught in the street one night.  Well a lot of them are progressing super well and attend church with us.  We talked with one of them in the street a couple of days ago and he said "Elder, why don't you Mormons drink coffee?"  We explained to him a bit about the Word of Wisdom and he said "okay that sounds good.  I want to start coming to your church so I already stopped drinking it. I just wanted to know why."  Elder Mejia and I were so glad because normally the Costa Ricans have a hard time giving up their coffee haha.  Also, this week I was on divisions with an Elder from Puerto Viejo and we went to see one of our investigators, Andrea.  We have been teaching her for a while and she is progressing well but has never come to church with us.  We sat down and began our lesson and she began to tell us about how she knows that the message we bring is true because she feels something different every time we come to teach her.  We then taught about the Spirt and had a powerful lesson.  She now has two friends that she wants to bring to church this week with us.  That's what I'm talking about!
Also, the ward got invited to sing Christmas carols during a city gathering of some sort next Tuesday.  The Bishop asked us to participate and it is going to be awesome.  We are going to try to share a brief message with the crowd of  La Rita before we begin and try to get some things going.  So I'm getting my Christmas carol voice all prepped for next Tuesday.
I hope everyone has a great week and that all goes well.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart and send my love from Costa Rica!
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo mexicano siempre me decia:  Los gringos tienen voces angelicos, por eso necesitamos que participen cuando cantamos villancicos frente de todos.

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