Monday, November 17, 2014

11/17/14 Hello Everyone!!

How is everybody?  I love to hear that all is well and that everyone is getting along just fine!
It has been another good week in Costa Rica!  Everything is great here in La Rita.  The usual.. tons of rain and sun.  I love it though!  It is really weird that everyone here is putting up the Christmas decorations and its super hot outside and still November.  But as it turns out, our cook cooks a thanksgiving dinner each year for the elders and I am so excited!
The work is great in La Rita. We have been finding a lot of people these last couple of weeks and we are focusing on helping them to progress.  We did have a devastating blow to us though.  Our two buddies Yordi and Pablo had a baptismal date for this week and they were super excited but their family has been working hard to keep them from taking this step.  They told us that they cant be a part of our church if everyone is going to attack them all of the time.  It made us sad but we have a powerful lesson set up with them in the chapel tonight and we have the faith that our Heavenly Father will help us.
This week we had an awesome lesson.  We were walking in the street and we found a group of about 7 teenagers hanging out in the street.  We talked to them and had an awesome lesson.  They were super interested and some of them came to church with us this Sunday.  They love coming to the activities with us when we play soccer and basketball.  We are going to keep things going with them and help them out.

Today Elder Mejia and I were able to go to Guapiles to do some shopping.  He needed some new pants in a bad way.  He has gained a ton of weight on the mission and his pants actually started to burst at the seams haha.  Some of the members call him the "Elder with leggings" hahaha.  Im not sure if he thinks its as funny as I do but we laugh about it.  We got some other good stuff too!  I got a burger so Im feeling pretty good right now!
I love you all and hope that everyone has a great week.  Say your prayers and read your scriptures!
Elder Nelson

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