Monday, November 10, 2014

11/10/14 Hello!

How is everyone?!  All is well in Costa Rica!  The sun is bright and the rain still comes basically every day!  Good stuff!
This week we had an awesome experience as missionaries.  The local school in La Rita invited the four missionaries in La Rita to participate in English Week at the school.  They thought it would be fun to have two gringos with them to help them in the activities.  So we got special permission from President and had a blast in the school for a couple of days!  At first we thought that the school just wanted us to help some kids learn some English or something.. but oh no.  We were wrong haha.  When we arrived we quickly discovered that we WERE the English Week haha.  All of the kids were gathered in the meeting place of the school and we gave assemblies to all of the students!  It took me back to my days in PLT!
Well at first we were super surprised because we learned that the school had made powerpoint presentations about the United States and typical food and why it is important to learn English.  We didn't know what was in this presentation so we just went with the flow haha.  But to make things more interesting the school wanted us to give the presentations in English to help them learn.  Haha the funny thing is that these kids don't know any English!  So we got a ton of blank stares at first, but then we figured it out.  So I got to give the presentation of the food in the United States, and basically it was pictures of KFC and other fast food.  Haha I guess that's what they think we eat all of the time.  But when we figured out the entertainment thing we had the kids going nuts!  We would yell "fried chicken"  and they would repeat and cheer.  It was a blast!  The good thing about that opportunity is that now all of the kids in La Rita know us.  They say hi to us in the streets and they help us to make their parents like us haha.
Other than that the week was full of a lot of hard work.  We have been working with two brothers to prepare them for their baptism.  Their names are Yordi and Pablo and they are so awesome!  They contacted us in the street and were super interested!  The rest is history haha.  We have their baptism planned for next Saturday and we are continuing to work with our investigators to prepare them for baptism.
I hope that you all have a week full of fun and excitement! 
Elder Nelson
Mi amigo mexican siempre me decia:  Pollo frito es la comida tipica de los Estados Unidos ¿no?

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