Monday, October 20, 2014

Family! 10/20/14

How is everyone this week?  I know that I am taking a lot of flack for how much I have been writing so I will try to be better!
This week was awesome!  We had the opportunity to have the open house for our new chapel!  Boy it is a great building!  The ward here is so excited to have a new building it is crazy!  They all worked so hard to make it an event that the community will never forget.  My favorite part was that I was able to participate in the typical Costa Rican dance!  So you know how on the cruise ship everyone twirls their napkins on Italian night in the dining room? That is basically what it was while hopping around the room.  We kind of looked ridicoulous but the crowd loved it and were cheering us on haha.  We did the dance on the last day, which was centered on cultural things like the dance and they had other people perform.  The Bishop said that we had upwards of 300 people there on the last day to see all of the performances so we are glad to be able to have this exposure in the community!
We also had the dedication of the chapel.  The entire stake presidency came from San Jose and we had a special meeting to discuss the missionary work and other subjects from the ward with them.  They were pressing us pretty hard so were are grateful that we had good things to report.  The dedication of the chapel truly was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.  The spirit was so strong as the stake president gave the dedicatory prayer.  Wow.
Something that I never mentioned is that we moved two weeks ago.  We went from our apartment to a two bedroom house.  Haha they said that we had to move because of a mold problem so now we have our own little place, and it's cheaper too!  We have had a couple of problems with the pipe in the shower bursting and flooding the bathroom at 3 am but other than that it is treating us really well.  We did, however, give up our hot water.  Boy, at first I was surprised that we were getting water from a polar ice cap in Costa Rica.  But now I actually kind of enjoy it so that's a blessing.  A crazy story that happened this morning is that we were going to do service so I had my workout clothes on.  Elder Mejia kept asking me questions like, When was the last time you washed your clothes? and stuff like that.  He thought they smelt super bad but I didn't think so.  Anyway later in the morning we found a dog on our porch.  This dog was basically really gross and it was kind of sad but it looked like he was rotting alive.  Well anyway that was the smell!!  We had to clean our porch because everywhere the dog was became nasty.  Elder Mejia has since apologized for false accusations of smelliness haha.
Also we had the baptism of Yesenia this week, it was a great service.  Her daughter had to postpone her baptism til Saturday so we will have it this week.  But I am amazed at their testimonies.  They are so strong and they truly were prepared to hear the Gospel. Yesenia always says "God first", and I really love that.  She is really trying to put God first in her life.
Well I hope all goes well for everyone this week!  You are in my prayers and I love you all!
Elder Nelson

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