Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/27/14 Hello Everybody!!

How is everybody?!  I hope everyone is well! I hear that some exciting things have been going on with Halloween and all.  That is awesome!
This week we had changes again!  President shortened the length of the change by two weeks so that the missionaries going home can be home for Christmas.  Elder Mejia and I didn't have changes once again and we are starting our third together! 
This week everyone got sick.  Almost all of the missionaries had a cold but boy I got hit hard.  I had 3 days with super high fever.  I was walking around like a zombie because I was so achy haha.  But no biggy the work of the Lord never ceases.  Being sick here is an experience in itself.  Everybody wanted to give me some sort of medicine!  Haha it was really funny because these guys would ask me how I felt and after I responded would say, "I've got jut the trick"!   Then they would go out in their back yard and pull some leaves off of a tree and boil it in some water for me to drink.  I'm not too convinced that they actually know what they're talking about but if it makes them feel good then I feel good! But the worst was when a member gave us lemons and garlic and told us to boil it.  Elder Mejia and I made the mistake of actually doing it and it was nasty!  I have tried all sorts of crazy mixtures while being here.
The mission is great!  This past month we lead all of Central America in baptisms!  We are working super hard to split the mission next year.  President has asked for our goal to 200 baptisms as a mission in November to keep ourselves on track.  Also, if we reach our goal our whole mission gets to watch Meet the Mormons on Christmas Day! We are excited about that baby.  Our zone is now the largest in the mission with 34 missionaries.  Zona atlantica for life!

I love you all!  You are in my prayers!
Elder Nelson

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