Monday, September 29, 2014

09/29/14 Hey!

Mom and Dad!
Holy crap Karli is going to have another baby?  That is so awesome.  Everyone knows that May birthdays are the best :)

I am doing well and working hard. This week we had changes!.. but I'm still here with Elder Mejia haha.  Really though we get along great.  We are buds.  I don't think we have had a problem this whole transfer so we are getting along well!  Really though I am working so hard to become the best missionary I can be. I have realized that there are tons of missionaries that are just kind of floating from day to day with no real goal or purpose in mind.  I'm seriously going for it!  There is no reason to be one of the thousands of okay missionaries when I can shoot to be one of the best.
This week we had the baptism of Jose.  It was a great day!  It's a little bit difficult because we don't have a church building here.  We had to take a twenty minute bus ride to Guapiles with all of the family to get to the church.  Also, mom I took out extra money because I had to pay for all the bus tickets for the family to see the baptism because they wouldn't have been able to go otherwise.  When we arrived everything was set up for us but the gate was locked!  We were freaking out because we didn't want to have to postpone it again.. no way.  We were frantically trying to call the other missionaries and get them to come and unlock the gate when a member that happened to have keys to the building walked by.  There aren't a ton of members here, let alone members with keys to the building so we were grateful to see that miracle this week.
Elder Mejia and I are preparing for six more weeks in La Rita! Wooh!  We are setting goals and we are praying and working for success!  Finding those that have been prepared to receive the truth! 
I love you all so much!

Elder Nelson

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