Monday, September 15, 2014

09/15/14 Pura vida

It is so great to hear from everybody! Oh my goodness Nates baby is so cute!  I hear he likes to snuggle and eats well.. what more can you ask for?  Im glad to hear that all is well in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Costa Rica is so great!  Today is their independence day and the whole country is going crazy! They are proud to be Costa Rican!  My companion and I are in San Jose right now because I had my one month check up with the mission president.  We had to wake up really early to catch the bus to make it here on time today, but little did we know that we wouldn't need to set an alarm.  La Rita was going crazy at 3am.  All we could hear was drums and cheering haha.  I'm super grateful to be in such a wonderful country with such amazing people!

This last Sunday we had church in a town 15 minutes away by bus because the school was being used for celebration all day on Sunday.  We crammed the whole ward in one bus.. needless to say it was super hot haha.  But when we arrived in Cariari we entered the chapel and felt the most amazing thing I have felt in a while.. air conditioning!  It felt so good baby.  But seriously it was a great Sunday and we had great meetings.  

The work in La Rita is well.  Elder Mejia and I try to talk with as many people as possible.  We are learning ways to be more effective as missionaries every day.  Right now we are going to make a map of our area to be able to visualize the work better and we are going to be printing of the records so that we can search for part-member families!  We are excited!

So about the baptism of Jose.  Elder Mejia and I are suuuuper sad because it didn't happen.  We had everything ready to go, but the zone leaders forgot to leave the white clothes for Jose and they were very far away so we weren't able to do it.  The baptism has been rescheduled so we are still anxiously awaiting that day!

Hope all is well!  I love you all!

Elder Nelson

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