Monday, September 8, 2014

09/08/14 Apresurar La Obra


It is so awesome to hear from everybody!  I love you all so much!  I can´t believe that Nate is a dad! What the heck?!  Haha I know he is going to be an awesome dad.  Too bad BobbyMac won't be able to meet his favorite uncle for two years.. poor guy haha.  I am glad to hear that all went well and that the little ray of sunshine made it safely!  Conner is back in school huh? That's crazy!  I'm glad to hear about your success.. keep it up!

Life in La Rita, Costa Rica is as amazing as always! This week has been amazing and we see miracles here every day.  This week I got into my first fight with the Central American food poisoning!  Boy was that an experience!  I must have eaten some rotten food because those feelings were not natural haha.  I was in a lesson with a less active youth named Darren when it hit.  I told him I loved him but I had to go and my companion and I booked it to the house!  It was a blessing that I made it.. from what I hear many missionaries before me haven´t had the same luck haha!

One of our recent converts, Hermana Luisa, has a grandchild that turned eight years old and decided he wanted to take the lessons and be baptized.  She has TONS of grandkids the house is going to explode!  Haha his name is Jose and the whole time we were teaching him he was scared to death of me.  He wouldn't talk to me because I´m a gringo haha.  So when it came time for him to choose who he wanted to baptize him I was certain he was going to pick Elder Mejia. Haha but he didn´t!  He totally picked me and we are totally tight now!  He loves to wear my CTR ring haha. His baptism will be on Friday and he is super excited! Now all of the kids in the house keep saying that they want "Hermano Nelson" to baptize them when they turn 8 haha.  They are so awesome!

I don´t think I told you this but guess who one of the assistants to the president is? Elder Cude haha.  The same Elder Cude that played for Coach Ellis with Conner.  He is so awesome and he likes to talk to me about football haha.

So I am lucky enough to be a part of the most successful zone in the mission.  This last month we almost set a record number of baptisms and confirmations for the mission.  Because the zone is doing so well we were invited to breakfast at President´s house in San Jose. In San Jose there is a Wendy´s, and you know what that means!  Frosties!!  Boy that was the best frosty I think I have ever had.  Mmmm.

Costa Rica is awesome.  The people here are really nice and love to talk to us about religion.  I have heard some of the weirdest ideas about religion in these past three weeks.  I have learned that there are many types of people in the world haha.  

I love you all so much and pray for you!

Elder Nelson

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