Monday, September 1, 2014

09/01/14 La Rita!!

Another week has passed here in La Rita, Costa Rica.  Sorry I have been so lame in my letters I will try to be better and add more things!  This week has been great and I am blessd to be serving in Costa Rica.
This week we had multizone conference in San Jose!  We had to travel two hours by bus each way to get there but we made it and it was awesome!  Our mission president is amazing and is such a powerful man.  We learned a lot about how we can have more success and help others come unto Christ by accepting the restored gospel. 
Our misson is super successful in general.  Everyone says that it is the most successful in Central America but I don't know if they really know haha.  The mission is working so hard right now to hasten the work because our goal is to split the country into two missions by June next year when our mission president leaves.  They have set very high expectations for us and we need to work harder and smarter than ever before to reach our goal. 
One thing that I wanted to share with all of you is something super cool that we do in our mission.  Our goal is to contact two buses every week.  We go to the front of the bus and ask the driver if we can share a message and we preach to the whole bus from the front!  It is so awesome I feel like its something from a movie when I stand up in the front and invite all the people on the bus to hear our message!  And my Spanish is coming along so well!  I understand everything and contribute in the lessons like a missionary that has been out for nine months!  I'm loving it!
The members here are so awesome!  They always want to help us with the missionary work and give us food.  Something I really like about the culture here is that everytime we go into someones home they give us a fruit drink called a fresco and some cookies.  Baby it is soo good!  But at the same time I definitely am learning to eat all types of food. You guys would be so proud, I eat everything on my plate!  Guacamole and all haha. 
I love you all so much and you are in my prayers always!
Elder Nelson

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