Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25/14 Costa Rica!!

Hello everybody!!  I send my love from Costa Rica! Pura Vida!  Also, sorry for the quality of my future letters.  I am using a keyboard that I have to push really hard on and I cant find all of the symbols on this weird Spanish keyboard.  My computer has already crashed once on me today haha.
So I made it here to Costa Rica!  It is so awesome here!!  Oh my goodness I love it!  It is super humid and hot though.. I don't think that i have sweat so much in my life!  My companion's name is Elder Mejia and he is from Mexico.  I love him to death!  They sent us to the little town of La Rita on the western side of Costa Rica.  First I gotta say that it is not what you imagine at all when you think of Costa Rica.  It is a little pueblo and very humble.  The people don't have very much and it is crazy how much they share with us when we go to visit their homes.  It is all dirt roads and we do A LOT of walking!  My American candy that I got from my last package is the only thing that is keeping me alive haha.  

The food is super basic here.  For breakfast we eat rice and beans, for luch we eat rice and beans with some type of meat on the side, and if we have dinner it is usually rice and beans haha.  It is very humble and I love it!  We have a cocinera that cooks lunch for us every day and does our laundry every week.  She is super funny and a good cook.

So the living conditions are very similar to how it was when I was in Peru.   My companion forgot to pay for the water last week before I got here so he has been living without water for a while.  We finally got the water back on and luckily we have an attachment for the head of our shower to heat it up because it was suuuper cold before.

The church here in La Rita is awesome from what I have seen so far.  We have a great bishop that is very missionary minded and a great guy.  This area has been struggling for a while so we are trying to turn it around. For now we have our church meetings in the little school that they have here while we wait for the chapel that they are building to finish.  The chapel looks so nice!  I am excited to get going in it when it finishes.  My companion has only been in the mission for six weeks and we are figuring it out together!  Bringing people home baby!

I love you all so much and love hearing from each of you!  Keep strong!  The Church is true!!  

Elder Nelson

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