Monday, August 11, 2014

08/11/14 Miracles

Hey everybody!! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life!  That is so awesome that you got to go see Nate at the White Coat Ceremony! Wow.. he is now officially a medical student!  He will do great no doubt!  Conner.. don't get married too fast.  I want to meet this young lady before she takes you away from me forever.  Haha I'm totally kidding, love you.
The work here in Florence is great.  One thing that I am learning is how to be an effective member missionary.  Because there are so many members here already most of our work goes through the members.  They give us referrals, go to appointments with us, and feed us every night!  They really are the key to our success.  Help your local missionaries!  Pray for missionary opportunities and they will come.
We have seen many miracles this week as a companionship.  As I was saying before, there hasn't been much progress here in the Spanish work for a while.  My companion and I were thinking about how we can spark the work and we decided we were going to reestablish expectations and put them on date to be baptized.  So we did, and conquered!  It was so amazing!  We went to the house of an investigator that Elder Sievers has been teaching for 5 months with no progress.  His name is Leonardo and he is super shy.  We went into the lesson and committed him to baptism!  He is on date to be baptized at the end of September because he told us he can't come to church until September because of his work. We were okay with that and on Sunday we were at the dairy trying to round everyone up for church when he gave us a call and said he wanted to come to church he "just needed a ride."  We franctically searched to get him a ride and got him to church on time!  That really was a miracle that we saw this week.
Another miracle that we saw happened on Tuesday this week.  All of our appointments were falling through so we were trying to make signs for our English class (they look pretty aweome by the way) and we went to the home of a recent convert named Manuel Ornelas for some help because he is a super handy guy.  Seriously I have never met somebody so handy.  One of my first weeks here we went over to his house and helped him change the transmission in his car.  He didn't know what he was doing at all haha.  He kept asking us if we can get on the youtube and see how to do it and we had to explain that we can't get on " the youtube."  But he figured it out all by himself!  Anyways when we went over to his house he had a friend there named Remundo from Tucson.  He just moved in with Manuel a couple days before and was looking for work.  We talked to him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and asked if we can come back and share a message about the Restoration and he was excited.  We came back and gave him the lesson and he committed to baptism in the middle of September!  We now have three people on date to be baptized! I call that progress!
Missionary work is aweome!  I love all of you!  Keep being so great!
Elder Nelson

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