Tuesday, July 22, 2014

07/22/14 Tanner's group arrived in Gilbert, Arizona

Dear Missionary Parents,
Your wonderful missionary arrived here in Gilbert Arizona this morning (Tuesday) – and we love him already!  Within the group we even received 2 missionaries who are waiting for their VISAS to clear - one to South Africa and one to Costa Rica.  We are so happy they will be part of our mission, even for a short time.

They all arrived excited and a bit nervous and tired.  Their day began early morning at the MTC, so they had an early start and were worn out by afternoon for sure.  Each of them had an opportunity to meet and interview with President Nattress.  We fed them, trained them, loved them, introduced them to their bicycles, and by evening they were all looking forward to going to sleep.  They will be housed in a host member’s home on Tuesday evening; then Wednesday they will receive more training, meet their new companion, attend Transfer Meeting, and then head to their assigned areas of service.  We have attached a photo of their smiling faces taken Tuesday morning just after they arrived.

We are happy to have each one of them, and we will do all we can to support and encourage them while they are here.  Thank you for sharing your missionary with us.  Contact us anytime if you have any questions.
Sister Cathy Thornock
Mission Secretary
Arizona Gilbert Mission
1001 North Burk Street
Gilbert, AZ  85234

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